About Chronic Low Back Pain
If you suffer with low back pain or other forms of chronic pain, you are not alone. Nearly everyone at some point has pain that interferes with work, routine daily activities, or recreation. Chronic pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States – only headache is more common. Fortunately, most occurrences of pain go away within a few days. With chronic low back pain, this is often not the case.

Common Causes of Low Back Pain
There are several possible causes of chronic low back pain. Research participants may have back pain stemming from one of the causes listed below:

    Accident or sports injury
    Overuse of muscles
    Compression fracture
    Herniated disc
    Bulging disc
    Spinal Degeneration

Common Symptoms of Low Back Pain
Some of the symptoms of back pain may manifest in different ways. You may qualify for the study if you are experiencing pain that is described by one or more of the symptoms listed below:

    Feels dull or sharp
    Feels like it is burning
    Be felt at a single point or over a broad area
    Occur gradually or all of the sudden
    Causes pain, numbness or tingling in the legs.

Chronic Low Back Pain Study Treatments
The Northwest Clinical Research Center has the opportunity to evaluate a new potential treatment for chronic low back pain, but new medications cannot be developed without research volunteers.

The chronic low back pain study is evaluating a non-opiate medication that is hypothesized to reduce low back pain. For specific details of the study treatment contact us using the web form or give us a call to schedule an appointment.